Happy Holidays

The weekend before Christmas a storm struck the East Coast and SW Virginia was in the thick of it. It dumped the most snow in over 10 years on much of the area here. We went up to the house of some friends so if snow bound we could at least keep each other company. Two days later we got dug out enough to head back home.

I spent enough of my life in heavy winter snow to hate a white Christmas nowadays. To share the joy of a cold nose and wet feet with the rest of you I captured it in pictures.

My Christmas was spent in the quiet of home for once. I received a wonderful surprise as some of my Filipino friends sent Christmas ornaments and other goodies from distant Metro Manila. Below is a picture of this year’s tree dressed up with those new duds.

I hope you all had a wonderful holiday. I send hugs to all my friends close and distant and my best to those who I do not know.