Not the Pittsburgh

I’ve been meaning to put these images up forever. About a month or so ago I spent a weekend in Pittsburgh, PA and found it quite a nice place to be. From a church that was converted into a restaurant/microbrewery to a shopping center that once was a train station I found a lot of creative reuse of structures. Two things that I did take quite a few pictures of included the Duquesne Incline which brings you up and down a steep hill and the J.R. Weldin Company which is one of the oldest businesses in Pittsburgh.

In 1877 the Duquesne incline connected the Duquesne Heights and Mount Washington sections of the City of Pittsburgh. It’s been going up and down since then and is now a working museum staffed by volunteers. Even the cars that you ride in date from the opening. It’s a bit scary to think your life depends on the 140 year old equipment creaking around you. Still, it’s a fun ride and the view at the top of downtown Pittsburgh is incredible. For a small fee you can tour the equipment room where the ancient machinery continues to chug away. A large wheel in there still uses wooden teeth!

These last photos are of the J.R. Weldin Company which has been operating since 1852 in Pittsburgh. It’s a bit of an odd store since it carries stationery, art supplies, fountain pens, knitting stuff, leather goods and more. There are a few cats and a big dog around to help you with your purchase as well. A few of the menagerie deigned to pose for photos.

  1. April 21, 2010, 4:04 pm

    Interesting – love these photos of the old industries – esp the details.

    1. TAO
      May 5, 2010, 6:44 am

      Thanks! I love old and abandoned things as well as those kept in working order.

  2. April 30, 2010, 3:56 am

    J.R. Weldin Company sounds like my kinda place! 😀

    1. TAO
      May 5, 2010, 6:43 am

      It was a fun place but not too much pen stuff. I know you’d love the idea knitting supplies being there too and I should have taken a better photo of that stuff on the second floor.

  3. Bea
    July 21, 2010, 3:33 am

    This place is lovely! I wish I could drop by someday. The structures look well-preserved. 😀

    1. TAO
      July 25, 2010, 8:28 am

      Pittsburgh was a fun place to visit with a good deal of i’s historic infrastructure still around to see. It’s the stereotypical “rust belt” city but I was pleasantry surprised that it wasn’t grim.