Simone Says

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to Philadelphia which isn’t that far from my new digs in Pennsylvania. I went ostensibly for an NAWCC chapter mart where I could look over watches and such for sale. Afterwards I had planned to go to the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum with a fellow horological student. Some of the world’s most famous sports cars are in this facility on display. There are not an overwhelming number of cars (which is good) but they make up for that in beauty. Pre-war Italian, British, French, and American vehicles are in tableaux to show the era they raced. The sensuous curves and touches that are form without function are as lovely as any sculpture.

As I usually do I took some pictures of the details of many cars. Also as usual the endeavor of photographing in available light meant that some images did not turn our even though I take a vast number of exposures. I’m happy the ones below were acceptable to me.


  1. L Armond
    January 4, 2012, 6:32 pm

    I got here from a pen site. But now that I am here, I enjoyed seeing the grille’s. I have been wearing a perfume by Poco Rabanne since the late ’70’s early 80’s. It is called Calandre. (I should check that spelling) Anyway, I went to the perfume counter at Garfinkel’s in Washington, D.C. one day in the early ’80’s, the one in the back corner with the special perfume lady who didn’t work for a cosmetic house like Lauder or Revlon. There was a new perfume there, also by Poco Rabanne called Metal’. (I had gone in to buy some Bal de Versaille) I was offered to new scent to smell. I did. I said, No thank you, that I was violentaly attached to Calandre as a daily perfum.
    There was a man standing off to the side, also behind the counter. He said, “If I may, why are you so attached to your Calandre?
    I replied,: It reminds me of polishing my bridles and tack for my horse. I know that sounds funny. But it is what I love.
    He broke into a rapturous smile: He said: I designed that scent because of the Grille and Leather of my Rolls. Yes, it was Poco Rabanne himself.

    So you see why grille’s bring fond memories of a perfum I am fond of.

    1. TAO
      January 6, 2012, 10:38 am

      What a wonderful story! Wish I had one like it. Thanks for sharing it and stopping by.