Muster of Eyes Collection

The title of this post is just put together from the names of the three events I attended recently. I’m too lazy to come up with one that works any better and it does sound kind of important.

The weekend of June 15 this year was a big one for those in the Detroit area who like to bake under the son looking at rare, expensive cars they have no hope of ever owning. If you have stamina, and I just fake that, you could have seen three displays such.

The largest is the weekend-long Motor Muster at the Henry Ford Museum. It’s help all over (was there an inch of open space left?) the Greenfield Village portion of that institution. Hundreds of cars among the examples of old U.S. architecture and life. It was like a parking lot of history. This show really will tired you out if you spend the hours necessary to get a good look at ever car, motorcycle, bus, motor home, military vehicle, and bike there. My feet still hurt.

In serene, green, and wealthy Grosse Pointe Shores is the Edsel and Eleanor Ford House museum. The house and grounds are astounding but for one day they are matched by find examples of important vehicles for Eyes on Design. Its goal is for “members of the transportation design community, collectors, and the general public to celebrate and reflect on design.” Proceeds benefit the Detroit Institute of Ophthalmology.

Tied in to the above event is the throwing open of the doors to a private garage. The Lingenfelter Collection is the cars of a wealthy automotive specialty business owner. A lot of rare Italian rolling stock was here to see as well as a nice collection of modern and vintage four wheeled friends.

So, here area few detail shots from my tiring weekend. Now for a foot bath.

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