Lost My Marbles

I’ve taken up a new hobby in which I can utilize my speck of creativity and natural talent for following instructions. I am such a renaissance man! In honesty I’m more like the guy who got paid a tiny amount to grind the pigment that was mixed with others by a paint maker who the [...]

Ars Gratia Artless

Like so many people with not a trace of artistic ability I’m fascinated by the people who can visualize and create beautiful things. I have a friend who is an art collector and I envy her since she can surround herself with items which no amount of viewing will ever remove the wonder from. I [...]

Moving Along

We’re always moving. Even at rest our heart pumps, eyeballs flit, and neurons fire away constantly. The idea of time is intertwined with that fact and like our bodies it continues to move on even if we momentarily don’t realize it. That’s why it’s always seemed odd to me that a device created to relate [...]

Grateful To Not Be Listened To

This is another post about gifts that generous and (way too) nice people have taken the time and effort to give me. I have no idea why they bother to do so since as previously mentioned I’m just a distant curmudgeon who doesn’t really merit it. Still they gleefully ignore that completely and send things [...]

Heart of Glass

While in Chicago I visited the Smith Stained Glass Museum on Navy Pier. I love stained glass and Chicago was a center for that craft in the United States. Most people know about Frank Lloyd Wright and his famous windows but the museum holds more than just examples of those. There are four focuses for [...]

Gryder at Hollins

Last Tuesday my friend Chris Gryder had an art opening at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. I attended it and took a few pictures, some of which I’ve stuck here for perusal. Chris showed older work as well as part of a larger installation for Florida State University he had just completed. He does some [...]

Look, Up In The Sky…

Not many interesting things happen in the small city I live near but occasionally either at the Virginia Museum of Natural History or the Piedmont Arts Association an exhibit will pass through that is worth seeing. One rolled in last week called “Theater of the Sky” so I dropped by on the opening night. It [...]

Restoring Black Hard Rubber Using The World’s Longest Acronym

There’s no way getting around the fact that a lot of vintage pens are made of hard rubber. Before the dawn of plastics it was one of the best materials for the job. Light and strong it’s made when rubber is mixed with sulfur and then cured by heat. Once it’s lathed into a cap [...]