Photos of 2016 (So Far)

It is amazing how long I’ve left updating this blog. Ugh. Well, my life in Sweden has been full of diapers and lego and less with photography and pens. Even though it’s easier to post pictures than to write coherent text I’ve still not done even that. So, here’s some images from 2016 and I [...]


When I think of Baltimore television shows like Homicide: Life On The Street and Hot L Baltimore or the movies of John Waters mold my vision of that coastal city. All stellar works that stick in my mind but not a rounded representation of the place. Now I find myself living about an hour from there [...]

Herr And Back Again

When the temperature is hovering around 100 most people do the sensible thing and stay indoors or at least in the shade with an iced glass of planters’ punch. However, during the heat wave we had this summer I showed my contrarian nature and went out. Possibly the reason for this was just to gather [...]

Warmth In Winter

I was thankful to spend Thanksgiving in Florida. That’s because while it was getting chill here in Virginia the weather was perfect there. The Sunshine State is a strange place full of natural loveliness and so many new urban areas that it often seems like there are only two times: now and the future. We [...]

My Perfectionism…no…Perfectionism And Me…no…Present Perfect…no…

Calling someone as imperfect as me a perfectionist boggles the mind. I’m often haphazard and prone to procrastination. I’m messy and ramshackle. I’m unorganized and absent minded. None of that sounds like the profile of someone who fights to make every detail correct. Despite what the litany of attributes above says about me I have [...]

That’s Capital!

I’ve never visited the capital of the state I live in at all. After over 10 years here you’d think that would have happened but so far I’ve skirted it instead going to the coastal, mountain, and northern (mega-urbanized) regions of Virginia in the past. Last weekend I was thrilled to travel to Richmond for [...]

Old Salem

Another day and another bike ride somewhere new. This time I decided to try a greenway on the outskirts of Winston-Salem, NC. Recent floods made it a bit dirtier than I expected but the strangest thing was the construction. A section had some workman and vehicles installing what looked like pipe or drainage corridors underground. [...]

Natural Bore

Greensboro and High Point, NC share the Bicentennial Greenway system. It’s not always linked together but there are a number of nice long stretches that are fun to bike on. I’ve still got a thing for taking pictures of nature in some way or another while I ride. Even I realize this is rather boring [...]

All That Glitters Is Not Ringgold

Ringgold, VA is a crossroads without much that needs mention except a restored old depot with a caboose. Oh, and a trail. The trail is along the route of the old Danville/Richmond railroad line and is where there tracks used to be in the distant past. Now there is nothing but butterflies, dragonflies, and old [...]

Laborless Day

Labor day is a holiday many people have off work so it always confuses me. I’ll never solve that conundrum but I do know it’s often thought of as the end of summer so I went out to catch some of the last flora, fauna, and weird animal stuff while I still could in the [...]