Don’t Fade Away

Walter P. Chrysler rescued automobile manufacturers before creating his own eponymous dynasty. During his reign Chrysler was known as the “engineer’s automobile”. Often stodgy in style they just as often led the industry in mechanical innovations. Like all long-lived companies there is a lot of history and lore which can be drawn upon to illustrate [...]


I’ve taken a lot of photos since my blog has gone silent. So….RANDOM PHOTO TIME!

Simone Says

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to Philadelphia which isn’t that far from my new digs in Pennsylvania. I went ostensibly for an NAWCC chapter mart where I could look over watches and such for sale. Afterwards I had planned to go to the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum with a fellow horological [...]

Herr And Back Again

When the temperature is hovering around 100 most people do the sensible thing and stay indoors or at least in the shade with an iced glass of planters’ punch. However, during the heat wave we had this summer I showed my contrarian nature and went out. Possibly the reason for this was just to gather [...]

Caught In the Headlights

What? More pictures of cars? Yes, sorry. Guilty as charged. But I have an excuse: I went to an automotive museum. Near where I live now is Hershey, PA (yes, that’s the place with the candy and amusement park) and the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum. I’ve been meaning to visit it and [...]

High On Dynamic Range

It’s funny how things reverse. Someone as old as me remembers hours in a chemical smelling darkroom practicing gesticular magic over RC paper (Dodge this! Burn that!) in order to bend the shimmering beams projecting downwards to my bidding. Photography was not just a skill but a bit of a black art then and those [...]

My Favorite 0b1000100 Photos of 2010

I take way too many pictures it seems. This was supposed to be a post about the 10 favorite pictures I took in 2010. That expanded and expanded till it is now almost 7 times that amount. Oops. Since I’m too lazy to cut this amount down to a more manageable size I’m leaving well [...]

Warmth In Winter

I was thankful to spend Thanksgiving in Florida. That’s because while it was getting chill here in Virginia the weather was perfect there. The Sunshine State is a strange place full of natural loveliness and so many new urban areas that it often seems like there are only two times: now and the future. We [...]

My Perfectionism…no…Perfectionism And Me…no…Present Perfect…no…

Calling someone as imperfect as me a perfectionist boggles the mind. I’m often haphazard and prone to procrastination. I’m messy and ramshackle. I’m unorganized and absent minded. None of that sounds like the profile of someone who fights to make every detail correct. Despite what the litany of attributes above says about me I have [...]

That’s Capital!

I’ve never visited the capital of the state I live in at all. After over 10 years here you’d think that would have happened but so far I’ve skirted it instead going to the coastal, mountain, and northern (mega-urbanized) regions of Virginia in the past. Last weekend I was thrilled to travel to Richmond for [...]