2015 (So Past)

It’s like 2015 never even happened on this blog. Well, it did even if I don’t remember much of it. Here’s some photographic proof. Don’t forget to click to the next image page below to see more of them.

Sweden 2014
(So Far)

It’s hard to believe that I moved to Sverige in January of this year. I’ve now worked my way through a few seasons here and am staring down winter. While I’ve been lax in updating this blog I’ve not been remiss in taking photographs. Here’s a variety of them from this year.

Muster of Eyes Collection

The title of this post is just put together from the names of the three events I attended recently. I’m too lazy to come up with one that works any better and it does sound kind of important. The weekend of June 15 this year was a big one for those in the Detroit area [...]

Of Muskets and Manned Flight

I’ve accumulated some more photos from disparate sources. Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada has its share of hyphens. Despite that it is a rather large tourist attraction hosting some of the best vineyards in the Great White North. Besides the trodden grapes the area has a great deal of history including action during the war of [...]

Fortress Of Focus

So my blog is broken. I’ve not posted anything in so long maybe it decided to commit suicide or at least invite the grim specter of death to come a knockin’ early. I have managed to get things functioning OK but the plugin I use for displaying images still refuses to load. ‘Tis a wasteland [...]

Eye Candy

Hershey, PA is the land of chocolate or something. Well, not really since nothing seemed to be built with cocoa anywhere within the city limits. I expected something a bit more like this.  Still, it was founded on and continues to subsist on the tasty, tasty slopes of chocolate kisses (among other diversified products). As [...]


When I think of Baltimore television shows like Homicide: Life On The Street and Hot L Baltimore or the movies of John Waters mold my vision of that coastal city. All stellar works that stick in my mind but not a rounded representation of the place. Now I find myself living about an hour from there [...]

Simone Says

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to Philadelphia which isn’t that far from my new digs in Pennsylvania. I went ostensibly for an NAWCC chapter mart where I could look over watches and such for sale. Afterwards I had planned to go to the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum with a fellow horological [...]

I’ve Been A’Sitting On The Railroad

Why do we get nostalgic for things we’ve never experienced? I have no idea but I am guilty of it. The golden age of rail travel seems so foreign yet attractive when compared the crowded, uncomfortable sardine can modern air travel can be. I long for the slower, more open, and more luxurious accommodations we [...]

My Favorite 0b1000100 Photos of 2010

I take way too many pictures it seems. This was supposed to be a post about the 10 favorite pictures I took in 2010. That expanded and expanded till it is now almost 7 times that amount. Oops. Since I’m too lazy to cut this amount down to a more manageable size I’m leaving well [...]