I’ve taken a lot of photos since my blog has gone silent. So….RANDOM PHOTO TIME!

Blog Garden

Greensboro, NC has a nature preserve called the Bog Garden right in the heart of the city. Both paved and wood planked walkways let you shamble about an area that has a marshy part and a small lake. It’s a lovely little place that lets you see area flowers, plants, and some wildlife. I’ve gone [...]

Win A Pen!

When I was younger a year seemed an eternity. The summer would end and the long winter would creep along as I waited for warmth and fun to return. Now that I’m much older the moments seem to run through my fingers like sand. Yes, an overused metaphor but it’s the first thing I found [...]

Happy Holidays

The weekend before Christmas a storm struck the East Coast and SW Virginia was in the thick of it. It dumped the most snow in over 10 years on much of the area here. We went up to the house of some friends so if snow bound we could at least keep each other company. [...]


Like many people sitting here in the United States I’m exposed to the news of the world day in and day out. We see disasters and tragedies on a macro and micro level all the time. Most of it bounces off of the layer of callousness gained to protect ourselves from the emotional devastation we’d [...]

Wrap and Roll

This is the first entry in a series that could be called “nice things people have given me and I’m guilty about.” Getting a gift throws me off guard since I’m probably unworthy of the kindness. That doesn’t mean I’m not both appreciative and moved when someone thinks well enough of me to send something. [...]

Insert Lithp Here

It’s odd how the internet can extend your reach. I can buy goods from places I never heard about as a child. I read people’s thoughts from lands I didn’t expect to glean insights from. I see images taken minutes, even seconds, after events extremely remote to me. Beyond all that what still strikes me [...]

A Trip To The National Arboretum

Despite the fact that nothing ever grows for me but weeds I do like some green things. Odd and unusual plants that aren’t part of my everyday experience really get my interest. In California I’ve been to the Los Angeles Country Arboretum and the Huntington Library Botanical Gardens and both have an awe inspiring variety [...]