Fortress Of Focus

So my blog is broken. I've not posted anything in so long maybe it decided to commit suicide or at least invite the grim specter of death to come a knockin' early. I have managed to get things functioning OK but the plugin I use for displaying images still refuses to load. 'Tis a wasteland [...]

Eye Candy

Hershey, PA is the land of chocolate or something. Well, not really since nothing seemed to be built with cocoa anywhere within the city limits. I expected something a bit more like this.  Still, it was founded on and continues to subsist on the tasty, tasty slopes of chocolate kisses (among other diversified products). As [...]


When I think of Baltimore television shows like Homicide: Life On The Street and Hot L Baltimore or the movies of John Waters mold my vision of that coastal city. All stellar works that stick in my mind but not a rounded representation of the place. Now I find myself living about an hour from there [...]

Simone Says

A few weeks ago I took my first trip to Philadelphia which isn't that far from my new digs in Pennsylvania. I went ostensibly for an NAWCC chapter mart where I could look over watches and such for sale. Afterwards I had planned to go to the Simone Foundation Automotive Museum with a fellow horological [...]

Herr And Back Again

When the temperature is hovering around 100 most people do the sensible thing and stay indoors or at least in the shade with an iced glass of planters’ punch. However, during the heat wave we had this summer I showed my contrarian nature and went out. Possibly the reason for this was just to gather [...]

Caught In the Headlights

What? More pictures of cars? Yes, sorry. Guilty as charged. But I have an excuse: I went to an automotive museum. Near where I live now is Hershey, PA (yes, that's the place with the candy and amusement park) and the Antique Automobile Club of America (AACA) Museum. I've been meaning to visit it and [...]

Arco Light

Everything changes with the times. Even items as inherently archaic as fountain pens respond to fashion and technology, albeit at a glacial pace. These alterations can be for the good, the bad, or sometimes just to save a few bucks at the factory. Today's lesson in evolution finds us gazing at the products of the [...]


Today I went off to a car show in Lancaster, PA. The weather was nice, the show was big, and I wandered. What struck me this time (I do attend quite a few car shows) is how much I enjoy seeing the logotypes, name badges, and other identifications on these cars. While all are indicative [...]

DC…and Burnt Out

About 4 hours into the DC Fountain Pen Supershow I burn out. The way I feel when I get there is like this: 1. Overwhelmed; 2. Confused; 3. Equilibrium; 4. Burn Out. There is so much to see, do, and talk about for one man to do. I've written a few posts about this show [...]

I’ve Been A’Sitting On The Railroad

Why do we get nostalgic for things we've never experienced? I have no idea but I am guilty of it. The golden age of rail travel seems so foreign yet attractive when compared the crowded, uncomfortable sardine can modern air travel can be. I long for the slower, more open, and more luxurious accommodations we [...]