Car Show

Muster of Eyes Collection

The title of this post is just put together from the names of the three events I attended recently. I’m too lazy to come up with one that works any better and it does sound kind of important. The weekend of June 15 this year was a big one for those in the Detroit area [...]

Eye Candy

Hershey, PA is the land of chocolate or something. Well, not really since nothing seemed to be built with cocoa anywhere within the city limits. I expected something a bit more like this.  Still, it was founded on and continues to subsist on the tasty, tasty slopes of chocolate kisses (among other diversified products). As [...]


Today I went off to a car show in Lancaster, PA. The weather was nice, the show was big, and I wandered. What struck me this time (I do attend quite a few car shows) is how much I enjoy seeing the logotypes, name badges, and other identifications on these cars. While all are indicative [...]