Chris Gryder

Muster of Eyes Collection

The title of this post is just put together from the names of the three events I attended recently. I’m too lazy to come up with one that works any better and it does sound kind of important. The weekend of June 15 this year was a big one for those in the Detroit area [...]

Ars Gratia Artless

Like so many people with not a trace of artistic ability I’m fascinated by the people who can visualize and create beautiful things. I have a friend who is an art collector and I envy her since she can surround herself with items which no amount of viewing will ever remove the wonder from. I [...]

Gryder at Hollins

Last Tuesday my friend Chris Gryder had an art opening at Hollins University in Roanoke, Virginia. I attended it and took a few pictures, some of which I’ve stuck here for perusal. Chris showed older work as well as part of a larger installation for Florida State University he had just completed. He does some [...]

The Famous Starter Pen Conundrum

Chris Gryder is a talented artist and a friend of mine (plug for his work here). A few weeks ago he was looking at one of my fountain pens and asked what a reasonably priced pen to start out with was. The pen that first came to my mind was one loaned to me a [...]