Pen Show

It’s A Big ’Un All Right

I can’t believe it’s been a year since my last visit and post about the Washington, DC Super Show. It’s full of pens, ink, stationary, pen manufacturers and pen repairers. If you are close and didn’t go you missed a lot. But where did the time go? I’m checking behind the couch for it right [...]

Supershow in DC

Last weekend I hit the road to travel to Northern Virginia to attend the Washington D.C. Collectible Fountain Pen Supershow. It’s the largest pen event in the world (according to its web page at least.) To answer the question I know you have: Yes, it is overwhelming. My brain turned to mush rather quickly as [...]

Three Sides, One Show

Last weekend I went to the Triangle Pen Show in Cary, N.C. Generally known as the “Raleigh Pen Show” it’s physically the closest one to me here in Southwest Virginia. I decided to spend the Saturday at the show and arrived a little over two hours of driving later. It’s not a huge show but [...]